Feel free to donate here via this secure link to Paypal (Just click on the “Donate” button). If you choose to pay directly on my medical school tuition, to a JOSS Care project, or just send a check directly to me, then instructions are below under the “FAQs” section. All transactions made online are under Paypal’s security license, so you can feel safe donating. I am also Paypal -verified to ease any further concerns about security.  Thank you in advance for your support! =)

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Thank You in advance for your donation! Any amount is GREATLY appreciated, and I humbly thank you. If you cannot give monetarily at this time, then please consider emailing me any advice, suggestions, or ideas concerning my plans and endeavors. I also consider this advice as “giving” or “donating” to the cause.
Please be respectful and sincere in your emails though. I take my blogs, medical school, and JOSS Care projects VERY seriously and hope that all readers will do the same. I have tried to preemptively answer any questions that may arise concerning donations. If I have not addressed a particular question below, or if I have not answered one of the questions adequately, then please feel free to contact me – instructions are under the “Contact Me” tab. I try to make myself readily available to any potential sponsors or donors.
FAQs:Are My Donations Safe and Secure?
Your transactions (donations) are most definitely safe and secure. Please read in the link below to learn about what safety features PayPal provides. I am a PayPal verified user with a direct link to their site via one click. This is evident by their OFFICIAL seal on my website. Therefore, any potential sponsor or donor may feel safe and donate with confidence. Once you leave my website and are directed to PayPal (via clicking on the “Donate” icon or any other PayPal sign throughout my site), you are then protected under PayPal’s secure service license (SSL). To learn more about PayPal’s security features, please read here:
How Do I Know My Donation Will Be Used for the Intended Purposes? I have no problem following-up with EACH and EVERY sponsor or donor upon request. I will gladly provide receipts, records of my transactions, videos, and/or any other piece of information or documentation to prove your donations were wisely used. I am an open book when it comes to providing information to my sponsors and donors!


Is It Better to Donate Online Via PayPal or Mail a Check?
I have tried to make it as convenient as possible for you to donate by providing the ability to pay online in a safe, secure, and simple manner ( via PayPal) with one click of a button; however, PayPal does charge a fee out of the donation amount. Of course, mailing me or my medical school a check directly would cut out the middle man (PayPal), but then again, donating online eliminates the possibility of a lost check in the mail.  Regardless of your method for donating, please understand this: I am just grateful for you donating!
Can I Just Mail a Check (or Make Another Monetary Transaction) Directly to Your Medical School for Your Tuition? Yes, you can. Please Contact me via the instructions under the “Contact Me” tab for my medical school address and instructions for doing so. 
Can I Just Mail a Check or Money Order to You Directly?
Yes, you most certainly can. Contact me via the instructions under the “Contact Me” tab for my mailing address. Thank you.