About This Site

About This Site

I originally developed this website for crowdfunding the costs of medical school and the necessary subsequent training. However, after interacting with a multitude of readers, I realized a much bigger goal was at hand! In a world inundated with so much information, it is actually quite hard to gather accessible, credible information into one location! Therefore, I decided to turn this website into a space for people to come and ask questions, get answers, or learn cool things (hopefully) about life.

The “Donate” tab exists for obvious reasons. I really do ask that you donate something (PLEASE). The money goes to my medical training/traveling expenses as well as the FREE Healthcare Events I sponsor.

The “Products & Services” tab exists so anyone can see what products, services, and/or merchandise I currently offer or have available. This tab contains all the information you need from how to request me to guest speak at an event to how you can purchase my books or cool swag (merchandise). Also, my most famous services like assisting with personal statements, holding phone interviews, and/or tutoring services can be found here.

The “Contact Me” tab is there so you can drop me a line, leave some helpful feedback, or request my assistance with something. Really, it is just an easy way for you to contact me as I am the ONLY one who reads these comments! You MUST enter a name and a valid email address. I don’t care if you want to use an anonymous name, it is fine with me, but please do provide a valid email address! Also, please try to be professional with you comments as I take my website very seriously and try to maintain an atmosphere of professionalism and integrity. I check these comments DAILY!

The “Links” tab features ALL of my other sub websites that were created for specific interest groups like pre-meds, medical students, nursing students, etc. It also contains a link to my YOUTUBE channel and BLOG page.

The “Featured Post” tab will update bi-weekly.

In case you want to learn more about the author of this website (ME!), here are some links to articles/interviews about me:


AACOM Profile

Shorter University and Georgia Highlands Grad Earns Six Degrees

Joey Johnson from Rome, GA to practice in Chattooga County, GA

Joey Johnson Named National AMSA President-Elect

Thank you once again for checking me out! Er…rather checking this website out! lol =)

JoeyJohnsonDO Website MISSION: “To Enhance the Quality of Life through Education and Human Interaction;” We shall do this by “Creating a Space for Real Questions to Get Real Answers, and Real Humans to Engage in this very Real Process”