Poetry – Tennessee

The following is a poem titled “TENNESSEE” that was written by me and originally published in 2012 in the Old Red Kimono…

She kicked an empty bottle along the beaten Tennessee pathway.

She though to herself, “My God, is that what I should like sometimes?”

Echoes usually don’t last that long, even in the Tennessee mountain air –

Almost as if the sound was meant to resonate deep within her soul,

Oscillating back and forth in her head,

Invading her very essence.


She looked on the outside of the bottle and noticed the labeling.

It said “Coca-Cola.”

What would her labeling say?

Would it say “loser,” “queer,” or some other derogatory term?

The birds continued to cackle in the background.


Perhaps this was just what she needed.

Sometimes, when the air is filled with cackling…

And piercing, negative thoughts –

Mixed with reverberating sounds of emptiness, of course –

A situation seems like it is just a microcosm of what life is.

Temporal moments of ridicule meant to refine – and ultimately define – an individual.


So what if the bottle was empty, the birds were laughing at her,

The negative thoughts were penetrating her mind, and she was supposed to be sad?

She could just simply…move on in either direction at the approaching fork in the pathway,

Leaving it all behind her.


If this situation, at this very moment, was supposed to represent life to her –

Then things were looking pretty good.

For, the next time someone dared to make her feel diminutive,

She would just simply move on –

Where choices are to be made, and unknowns are to be conquered.


But, what she would not do is,

Stay stagnant and listen to the ridicule.

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