A Manifesto for Fiber: “Is Everything Coming Out OK?”

A Manifesto for Fiber : “Is Everything Coming Out OK?”

“Is everything coming out ok?” I yell through the bathroom door to my relative who always steals my stuff.

“It’s NOT funny!” My cousin screams back.

She then comes out of the bathroom, still buckling her britches, and displaying a seemingly permanent scowled countenance.

She knows that I know what happened, but all the same, she is still angry at me for poking fun at her. See, my wife recently bought this new box of fantastic Breyer’s CarbSmart vanilla ice cream – it contains 4g of fiber per serving! We told my cousin not to go sneaking into our ice cream, as she has had a tendency to do in the past whenever she gets up for a late night snack. Sometimes we catch her, but sometimes we do not. And, even though she knows we will inevitably find out, she is usually long gone by the time we do.

Anyway, to make a long story short: This relative always eats our food and asks for anything we have. I don’t mind giving her stuff, but it had gotten to the point of ridiculousness. This was her last time spending the night with us, and I told her not to eat my ice cream because it was part of my diet – one of the few late night snacks I could eat. I adhere to a high-fiber, high-water, low saturated fat, low cholesterol diet.  I don’t know if she didn’t believe me or what, but when my wife and I came back from our evening out, we found the empty ice cream box in the sink, full of water.

I kept my cool and went to bed. However, I awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of thunder. Thor was not wielding his thunderous hammer, but my cousin was the source of the kabooms! Apparently, the ice cream did not agree with her stomach. See, whenever you start on a high-fiber diet, it’s always best to being little and work your way up (concerning the daily intake amount).

The daily recommended fibrous intake amount is about 24 grams according to Harvard, but this average adult only consumes roughly 15grams of fiber daily according to WebMD. However, this container of Breyer’s contained 48 grams! So, my cousin literally inhaled twice the amount of daily recommended fiber, and more than triple the amount of fiber that the average adult consumes in one 24-hour period within a few hours! Unintentional payback is so sweet! Dul-ce!

In all seriousness though, few people understand the importance of adequate fiber in a daily diet. In short, fiber acts like an internal brush, sweeping away build-up of all sorts. There are two types of fiber – soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is digested, then goes throughout your blood vessels, sweeping away cholesterol and other harmful build-ups that could cause dangerous conditions like atherosclerosis.

Insoluble fiber is not digested and goes throughout your colon, sweeping away fecal matter and other wastes to help prevent colon cancer, constipation, indigestion, hemorrhoids, and many other issues. By the way, colon cancer is the third most prevalent form of cancer among both sexes with 1.2 million new cases in 2008 according to the World Cancer Research Fund International. Many ways exist to easily increase your daily cancer intake. I recommend beginning with a nice cold glass of Metamucil three times a day to get both soluble and insoluble fiber. But, be sure to drink plenty of water with it! And, if you wake up in the middle of the night, have some Breyer’s CarbSmart vanilla handy…but, please don’t eat it all at one time!

Here are some nice pdf-files explaining more detail about colorectal cancer for you:

American Cancer Society Article on Colorectal Cancer

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