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Pre-Medical Services:

1)  Pre-medical Advising/Counseling

– $25 – 1 hour phone conversation: package INCLUDES individualized planning for your own personalized road map to “getting in” to the RIGHT medical school for YOU! Get personalized tips, strategies, tactics for YOU WITH consideration given to your GPA and MCAT score;  assistance with improving your CV Included in this package for FREE!!!


2) Personal Statements

– $10 -Proofreading (and correcting) Personal Statement WITHOUT Comments/Advice for improving it

– $15 -Proofreading (and correcting) Personal Statement WITH Comments/Advice for improving it


3) Secondary Applications 

– $15 – Proofreading (and correcting) Secondary Essays WITH Comments/Advice for improving them; [$15 charge is per Secondary Application regardless of number of essays within the secondary application. Therefore, please consider purchasing the PREMED ONE and DONE Package for UNLIMITED Secondary application help]


4) Phone/Mock Interview (Please specify that you want the medical school interview)

– $30 – 1 hour phone or tele (via GOOGLE Hangouts) interview WITH immediate feedback at the conclusion of the interview!


5) The PREMED ONE and DONE Package – BEST SELLER!!!

– $75 – INCLUDES ALL of the items above (# 1 – 4) WITH feedback and advice for improving in ALL aspects of the application process EACH Step of the way!!! *BONUS* – You get an UNLIMITED amount of Secondary application assistance service WITH Feedback!!!


Pre-Nursing/Nursing School Services:

1)  On the Phone Tutoring Services

– $25 – per each 1 hour of tutoring in ANY ONE of the following subjects: Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathophysiology; Please specify the subject for which you would like to be tutored. For multiple hours of tutoring, you may mix and match subjects – just specify which subject(s) for which you would like to be tutored and pay for your chosen number of hours! (Ex: You want 1 hour of Anatomy & Physiology and 1 hour of Pharmacology: for this you would pay $50 and request 2 hours of tutoring in Anatomy & Physiology and Pharmacology)


2)  Nursing Career Advice/Counseling

– $25 – 1 hour phone conversation: package includes personalized road map for your path to “getting in” to the RIGHT nursing school for you AND setting yourself up for excellence! Also includes post baccalaureate options discussion and ANY questions you might have regarding Career options/specialties in Nursing!


Other Services:

1)  College or Career Advising and Life Coaching

– $25 – 1 hour phone conversation: package includes assistance with personal goals setting and  life coaching as well as college/career advising and personalized planning; assistance with improving your CV included with this package for FREE!!!


2)  Proof-reading Services for Essays/Other Writings

– $25 for anything up to the first 5 pages ($5 per page after that) – This includes corrections on Essays, CVs, etc. WITH Comments/advice to make it better (Just about ANYTHING can be proofread with this service including contracts and short stories!); Example: You have a 32 page document you want me to proofread. Your cost would be $60; COST BREAKDOWN: $25 for first 5 pages, then $5 x 7 additional pages = $35; therefore, $25 + $35 = $60


3)  Web Advertising Opportunities (via this website or my YOUTUBE channel)

– $30 – for one month of advertising under “Sponsors” tab on website and on select YOUTUBE videos; advertising package will include your LOGO, a write-up about you or your company, and a link to your company’s website!!!


Booking Me for a Speaking Engagement:

Please Contact me via the “Contact Me” tab and let me know the time/date/event you want me to attend! =)

– Pricing for this is variable. Generally speaking, however, if you cover my travel and room&board then I will GLADLY speak for FREE!!!



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