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How to Really Save on Car Insurance: Tips, Tactics, and Secrets

Hello all! In this blog we will discuss how you can get the best discounted rate on car insurance. I know you’ve heard the pitches from the charismatic “Flo” to the Aussie/British (whatever the heck he is) lizard. And, let’s not forget that catchy little jingle of “For a great low rate you can get online, go to….” you get the drift. So, what’s the skinny on all of this madness? I’ve gotcha covered!

I will spare you the 20-point checklist for now that I typically use whenever I call during renewal season (which for me is approximately 3 months before my actual renewal date – and YES!!! I really do use a 20-point checklist for all 6 car insurers that I call every 3 months!). For this blog, we’ll just hit the highlights. Feel free to email me for the list though, or I may feel froggy later and publish it too.

Anyway, go to this website first and foremost to see who discounts for what: Cheapest Rates and Most Discounts for Car Insurance After you compare there, I strongly believe it would be WELL worth your time to read this confession essay from a former Progressive sales rep: Confessions of a Car Insurance Salesperson / Sales Rep

Congratulations! If you’ve thoroughly read through the above articles, then you’re well on your way to saving MUCH MORE money than you could imagine! My wife and I currently pay approximately $350 every 6 months for full coverage insurance. Before I started employing my 20-point checklist method, we were averaging about a $650 – $700 6-month quote from these same companies. Think of how much they swindle you! Personally, I feel this about it – if you could have offered me the same coverage for half the money, then why didn’t you do it in the beginning if you were really trying to help me out? In all fairness, I must say that both Progressive and Geico do an excellent job on the phone of trying to help you out. And, please keep in mind here that I am mostly talking about over-the-phone and online insurance companies.

My big 6 list of car insurance companies that I call every 3 months are as follows:

         1.  Geico

         2.  Progressive

         3.  Allstate

         4.  State Farm

         5.  Liberty Mutual

         6.  Nationwide

Here is a list of extra discounts that I typically go for that isn’t too in-depth:

        – Discounts for various clubs/organization/memberships/alumni status (click here for Geico’s comprehensive list: Discounts for Club / Organization Memberships )

          – Discount for being in a graduate or doctoral program (so states allow this and some do not)

         – Defensive driver’s course (here’s a link to Geico’s: Defensive Driving Course Online )

         – Discount for having each of the following:

a.       Anti-lock brakes

b.      Airbags (extra discounts for different numbers and locations of airbags!)

c.       Non-smoker

d.      Anti-theft system (extra discounts for more higher degree anti-theft systems!)

        – Good student discount

Wonder if forking out the extra cash for the defensive driver’s course is worth it? Let’s put it this way…my wife spent $20 to take the course fully online. It saves us $40 each time we renew for the next 3 years. In other words, if we were to stay with Geico for the full 3 years after taking the course, we just saved ourselves $240 for a $20 and half-an-hour of our time investment!

I hope this article has been helpful to you. Email me for more input or information, or to share your own tactics and tips with me! Happy savings!!!