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The following are Fantastic Osteo-sites =)


Learn the Brachial Plexus in Five Minutes or Less – Thanks AMA!


Best way to remember arm muscle innervations…hands down!

Best histology sites I have found – bar none!

Blue Histo

Histo World


ANATOMY – You’ll love me for giving you these sites for anatomy. I like my  sugar with coffee and cream…just like the Beastie Boys do #intergalactica =)

All You Need to Know Regarding Insertion/Attachment Points:

        University of Michigan    


Anatomy Guy

Whole Brain Atlas

Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases

Radiography Study


Great Pathology Sites

The pathology guy                                                                                  

Web Path

Top Ten Interview Questions


So, you’re applying to/for _________ (insert intimidating event here). What is it for you? Medical school, a graduate program, nursing school, an undergraduate school, a competitive scholarship, or your first job? Regardless of which one of these situations applies to you, there are a few questions you should be ready to answer. Before presenting these common questions to you, I will give you a little background on why I chose to write this article.

Many of you have taken me up on my mock interviews so far. I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these with you, and given the feedback, so have you. For those of you who have not yet had a mock interview with me, I ask a series of the ten most common questions I have either asked or been asked in interviews. I was fortunate enough to have served on several different committees in my past jobs and colleges where I assisted with interviewing people for jobs, scholarships, and/or admission.

I have had several interviews that included my being “grilled” by anywhere from 3 – 13 people staring intensely at me as if they were going to press some button that would make the floor drop from under me if I answered something incorrectly. I have also had one-on-one casual interviews that were much more conversational in nature than expected. I must say, I have come to absolutely love what is called the interview experience now.

      Each one is like a patient – it presents with its own distinctive qualities, so you cannot generalize them all as the same. Yet, they do share some commonalities among them, so you can prepare for them enough to feel somewhat comfortable with them at a base level – a groundwork from which to begin working.

      Without going in too much detail about facial expressions and body language (that’s what the ebook is for!), I will say this – you should know when the interview is done whether or not you have a chance in heck of getting in/hired/making it to the next stage in the process. But, make no mistake about it – these questions I am about to present are asked often, and they will trip you up if you are not prepared for them! Furthermore, you should be aware that your answers to these questions possess the power to make or break the whole interview! Without further ado, I now present to you my top 10 list.

       – Tell me about yourself

       – Why do you want to _________ (work here/become a doctor/become a nurse/etc.)

       – What are your strengths?

       – What are your weaknesses?

       – What would you do if you caught your friend cheating on a test?

      – Why should we choose you out of all the other applications?

       – Where do you see yourself in five – ten years?

       – What do you think this job/occupation/program entails?

       – Who has been an inspiration to you and why?

      – What questions do you have for us? (variant way of asking: Do you have any questions for us?)

Please be aware that ALL of these questions come with pitfalls and ways to absolutely knock them out of the park! However, that’s for another conversation. Good luck and happy hunting!=)

For Medical Students Only: Scholarships!!!


Here is the short list of scholarships for medical students that I use. As mentioned in the nursing students blog, email me for the longer list. Good luck! This was compiled from the same scholarship list that I use. Happy applying, and as always….Remember that our proof-reading services are also available=)

Marvin and Kathleen G Teget Leadership Scholarship (for DO students)

ACOFP Scholarships (for DO students)

Commitment to Diversity SOMA  (for DO students)

AMA Minority Scholars Award

SAAOCFP Scholarship (for DO students)

Piscano Scholars Leadership Program 

Indian Health Services Scholarships

AMA Excellence in Medicine Award

Steury Medical Missions Scholarship

Sherry R. Arnstein Minority Scholarship(for DO students)

AMA Physician of Tomorrow Scholarship

Proofreading scholarship

National Medical Fellowship General Scholarships

SOMA New Member Scholarship(for DO students)

Primary Care Leadership Program (for the economically disadvantaged)

AMA Foundation Leadership Award

ACOFP Writing Award Scholarship(for DO students)

For Nurses Only: Scholarships!!!


You asked for it, so here it is! A brief listing of nursing scholarships…the very one that my wife used during her undergraduate career. As many of you know, my wife and I would not be where we are today without having been awarded MANY MANY MANY scholarships! Jessica went through nursing school on a full-tuition scholarship and was also awarded several thousand-dollars worth of other scholarships.

The following is the “Short” list of nursing scholarships she used during her nursing school career. She is now in nurse practitioner school and uses a different list of scholarships. The “long” list of undergraduate nursing scholarships is available upon request. Please email me to inquire. Thanks!

Try luck, prayer, and a lot of ibuprofen (to help with the cramps from writing all of the required essays). That’s the formula she used to win so many. Good Luck, and keep us informed of your progress!

P.S. Don’t forget that our proof-reading services are always available as well=)

New Careers in Nursing for the economically disadvantaged 

NSNA Scholarships

AAOHN scholarships

Promise of Nursing Scholarship 

March of Dimes Scholarship

New Nurses Essay Contest 

Hurst Review Scholarship

Back to Nurisng Scholarship 

Certified background scholarship 

HRSA Nursing loan repayment program 

Nurses’ Educational Funds Scholarship

HRSA Nursing Scholarship 

Nurses Week Scholarship

Nursing Economics Scholarship

Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship

Nurse I am Scholarship