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Thank you for visiting this website!  My name is Joey Johnson, and I am a third-year osteopathic medical student.

The purposes of this website are:¬†1) To seek funds for medical school; 2) To seek funds for JOSS Care projects; 3) To serve as a resource for various students (via college-success tips, links to beneficial websites or scholarships, or financial tips for my non-trads!); 4) To serve as an occasional blog page of mine – in case I feel froggy and just want to write what’s on my mind

I am going out on a limb here with this website and hope to achieve much success. However, please DO NOT feel compelled to give. In other words, while fund-raising is the primary purpose for this website, I would much rather have you gain insightful knowledge or enjoy the readings (blogs) rather than develop guilty feelings about not giving monetarily. However, should you win the lottery sometime soon – then please disregard that last statement=)

I am aware that I will only get one shot at this. So, once again, thank you in advance for visiting  (often), reading, and sharing this webpage on Facebook or other media outlets. Perhaps you may feel moved to donate if this website helps you, or maybe you will just enjoy some (hopefully) good readings. Either way is fine by me.

*Disclaimer* Please notice that I am currently a medical student and NOT a PHYSICIAN. Therefore, the “DO” post-fixed to my name in the URL address is NOT indicative of a degree that I hold yet, but it is indicative of the degree that I will one day hold (in particular, when I graduate from LMU-DCOM in May, 2017). I do NOT want to mislead anyone by the URL address title.

Why then am I using this website URL? Quite simply, because I was able to purchase it for cheap now, and upon graduating, I will be able to continue using this same website URL and never have to change it! Try seeing how many “Joey Johnson” websites and people there are out there, and you’ll understand why I snatched this domain up now while I could =) Thanks for reading!

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  • Corey Pitts:

    Hi Joey, I’m very proud of you buddy! I can’t wait to train and work with you!
    Sincerely, Corey Pitts (CmP Training)