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Thank you for visiting this website!  I am Joey Johnson, a fourth-year osteopathic medical student. Recently, I was elected the National AMSA (American Medical Student Association) President (which is a full-time position) for the 2017-2018 year. After graduating from medical school, and serving my one-year term as AMSA Prez, I will immediately begin residency training. Upon completing my residency, I plan to practice in a rural area and continue writing/public speaking nationally about relevant topics in healthcare including  social justice, racial bias, healthcare access, cultural/religious diversity, and mental & rural health.

In the meantime, I hope you find a plethora of useful and meaningful information, entertainment, and wisdom on this site! Please do not hesitate to send me feedback about it as well. This is my personal project and above all…I want it to be HELPFUL!

The purposes of this website are: 1) To seek funds for my medical training and Free Healthcare Projects, and Non-profit Organization; 2) To serve as a resource center (for students, patients, or people just wanting to read something cool!) ; 3) To serve as an occasional blog page of mine – for whenever I just want to write whatever is on my mind; 4) To provide a site for purchasing my books, products, merchandise, and services!

I hope you enjoy, and please remember to donate if you possibly can! To maintain this website and my many projects, I have to pay for a lot of miscellaneous expenses each year. Therefore, these operations are only made possible by donations from good-hearted readers like YOU!

*Disclaimer* Please notice that I am currently in my last year of medical school and therefore NOT a PHYSICIAN… yet =) Thus, the “DO” post-fixed to my name in the URL address is NOT indicative of a degree that I hold yet, but it is indicative of the degree that I will hold upon my graduating from medical school next year. I do NOT want to mislead anyone by the URL address title.

Why then am I using this website URL? Quite simply, because I was able to purchase it now for cheap, and upon graduating, I will be able to continue using this same URL – never having to change it! Try seeing how many “Joey Johnson” websites and people there are on this global thing we call the internet, and you’ll understand why I snatched this domain up now! =)   Thanks for reading!

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  • Corey Pitts:

    Hi Joey, I’m very proud of you buddy! I can’t wait to train and work with you!
    Sincerely, Corey Pitts (CmP Training)